Releases und Roadmap

Entdecke die neuesten Features und Änderungen in Makaira.

Derzeit veröffentlichen wir etwa 20 neue Versionen im Monat. Dies reicht von kleinen Bugfixes über neue Features bis hin zu komplett neuen Konzepten.

Releases 2021

  • Current
  • Fixes data inspector - had some issues with a/b-testing capability

Deployed: 10.02.2020 15:15

    • Econda Integration: Removes useless payload from request to Econda
    • Econda Integration: Adds some more Logging for easier debugging in prod

    Deployed: 10.02.2020 14:45

      • Improved Detail view for A/B experiments
      • Improved Econda integration to work with latest requirements of Econda

      Deployed: 10.02.2020 12:10

        • Add some more logging to personalization for improved introspection of Econda integration in real life scenarios

        Deployed: 9.2.2021 18:00

          • Updated Twig for FeedengineCategory
          • Array of objects is now available for feed export

          Deployed: 28.01.2021 11:42

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